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Loyalty Card Policy

We are excited to introduce our Softplay Loyalty Card scene, designed to make your entry ticket even more affordable. Here are the key details of our loyalty card program:

1. Unlock 4 Sessions, Get the 5th on Us: With our loyalty card, after attending 4 paid sessions, you will receive the 5th session free of charge.

2. No Need to Book, Just Walk In: There is no requirement to book in advance. Simply walk into our facility and present your loyalty card to our staff upon arrival.

3. Personalized Loyalty Card: Your loyalty card must include your name and the dates of your previous visits. This ensures that your loyalty benefits are accurately recorded.

4. Free Session for You and Your Child: The free session applies to both yourself and your child. Additionally, you may bring a maximum of 2 of your own children to enjoy the free session.

5. Flexible Usage: You can utilize your free session anytime during the week, including half terms and term times. This allows you to choose a convenient time that suits your schedule.

Please note that this loyalty card policy is subject to change, and any updates will be communicated to our valued customers in a timely manner. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to providing you and your family with an enjoyable softplay experience.

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