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Booking Steps


The booking includes 1 default adult, which costs £2.00. You have the option to add 1 additional adult.


You have the option to purchase child tickets based on age. The maximum age allowed is 6 years old.

Date & Time

Choose from the available date & time ( 1.5 hours long sessions).​

Personal information

Please add your contact details.


You have to pay the booking online in advance to be confirmed.

Entrance fee

Our prices are determined by age group

  • Adult

    It will be charged by default, as 1 adult must be present.
  • Under 1 year old child

  • 1-2 years old cild

  • 3-5 years old child

  • 6 years old child

  • Pram

    One of the main reasons for implementing this fee is to minimize potential hazards and obstacles within the sofplay area. Buggies can oftek take up a significant amount of space, hindering the movement of children and increasing the risk of accidents. By charging a buggy fee, we encourage visitors to leave their buggies outside the play area, allowing children to freely explore and enjoy the space without any unnecessary obstructions.
  • Additional adult

  • Older Sibling (over 7)



We run 4 sessions throughout the day, 7 days a week for the soft play area, we allow 30 minutes between each session for hygiene and sanitation cleaning.



All children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardian at all times. Sparkle Play is not a supervised kindergarten. 


We are located by public Orchard Centre car park, you can park 2 hour for free.

We will appreciate if you arrive and leave on time to enable our staff to clean between sessions and open spaces for next session’s customers.

Please note that there may be a queue when you arrive.

Please respect social distancing for everyone’s safe.

Keep washing and sanitising your hands regularly.

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